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Welcome to AthleticFitness

Hey everyone and welcome to the first blog on AthleticFitness. If you haven't already read through the 'About' Section on this website, my name is Ryan and I'm the owner of the AthleticFitness Apparel brand and PT based out of Norwich, Norfolk.

My initial aim of these blogs is to start providing all of you with (fingers crossed) weekly content regarding all aspects of health, fitness, exercise, motivation, positive behaviour change and much more. I will be providing a mix of in depth discussion on topics while keeping it in layman's terms as much as possible to maintain understanding. It is my belief that a lot of misinformation is being shared around the fitness industry and it is becoming over saturated with PTs/fitness professionals who are not committing to consistently updating their knowledge, sharing information out of their realm of expertise, or have no relevant qualifications at all (I plan to delve into this topic on a later blog).

I hope to start a community here on the website where high quality, science backed knowledge can be shared for free and people can discuss there own personal experiences within the sports, fitness and health industry for context. I encourage and implore you all to create, share and discuss within these comments sections and blogs. I ask that you all help to provide an active community for learning, encouragement and improvement. I look forward to helping each and every one of you on your individual journeys.

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